Mr. Raynes personally led the following cases:

Victoria Garcia v. Loma Linda University Medical Center, Birth injury Cerebral Palsy case, August 2006. $7,262,705

Nancy Samaan v. Schmitt , Negligent performance of a urogynecolgic surgery, March 2008. $650,000

Annette Winn v. Tatevossian, DDS, Negligent dental management of temperomandibular joint syndrome, November 2008. $400,000″

Roberto Ortiz v. Wahlstrom, M.D. Negligent surgical management for a renal transport, Novemeber 2008. $1,843,600

Mark Macknet v. Loma Linda University Medical Center, Negligent surgery leading to MRSA disc infection, March 2009. $5,305,717″

Carmen Lopez v. Lifshutz, M.D., Negligent management of necrotizing fasciitis and myofasciitis, September 2009. $5,896,516

Blackwell v. Kaiser, Negligent performance of laparoscopic hernia repair. $4,051,101

Woods v. St. Bernardines Medical Center, Negligent surgical care against a perfusionist, believed to be the largest in the U.S. at the time. $3,750,000″

Rainbolt v. Beaver Medical Group, Negligent post surgical cardiology care. $3,750,000″

Riley v. Loma Linda University Medical Center, Negligent failure to diagnose and treat deep venous thrombosis. $1,760,000

Lucia v. Kaiser, Failure to diagnose breast cancer. $2,400,000

Dirk Hansen v. Kangah, Negligent surgical management of a Whipple (Pancreatic) surgery, March 2011. $4,459,281