I was referred to Mr. Raynes by a family member who told me he was the best lawyer this side of the Mississippi. Then when he took my case, I was in contact with the staff. The staff was very professional and courteous and answered all of my questions. During the deposition procedure, Mr. Gunn was very courteous and professional as well. When the trial started, I was very impressed with Mr. Raynes’ knowledge, confidence and professionalism towards my case. Mr. Raynes is very experienced with medical procedures and extremely knowledgeable in the court room environment. Mr. Raynes was always extremely well prepared each day to go into court. Mr. Raynes made me and my family feel very comfortable in the court room when we were very nervous. The expert witnesses Mr. Raynes selected for my case were very well versed in their field.

Dirk Hansen

At the conclusion of my case, Mr. Raynes has called to check up on me to see if I am okay and I really appreciated that. I would recommend Mr. Raynes to anyone. Jeff Raynes was a true blessing to our family. His exemplary work ethic, integrity and passion to his profession are to be commended. Throughout the duration of our young son’s medical legal issue, Jeff was a consummate advocate. He diligently and tirelessly sought out insightful wisdom and understanding in every aspect of the medical issues. Furthermore, he is a fierce ally during pre-trial depositions, a formidable asset in the courtroom, and highly regarded and respected among judicial authorities.

Scott & Donna W.