Mark L. Gunn of the Law Offices of Mark L. Gunn has been associated with Jeffrey S. Raynes Attorney at Law in Redlands, California since 2005. His practice is primarily dedicated to plaintiffs in civil litigation, medical malpractice, and personal injury matters, and he also represents clients in criminal defense matters.

Mr. Gunn has extensive trial experience in most of the counties in California. He began his practice in 1977 with MacLachlin, Burford & Arias – an insurance defense firm in San Bernardino. Mr. Gunn quickly turned to the representation of plaintiffs. He joined Olen G. Miller’s practice in 1977 and opened his own office in 1979. Since that time, Mr. Gunn has remained in private practice, having represented hundreds of injured plaintiffs throughout California.

Mr. Gunn also has substantial “Private Judge” experience, having served as a mediator and arbitrator (both non-binding and binding judicial arbitrations, binding uninsured motorist arbitrations, civil and business arbitrations, and several Kaiser medical malpractice arbitrations). Mr. Gunn also served as Judge Pro Tempore in the San Bernardino Superior Court, and he received several awards in connection with his service.

Mr. Gunn was raised on the family farm in the San Juaquin Valley and he has remained active in Gunn Family farming operations. He is a published writer, having authored a book on how to cure and the history of curing olives, and a number of articles for agricultural publications. He has also been featured in Inland Empire newspapers for his olive curing. Mr. Gunn is an avid horseback rider – he has competed in team penning, he has packed extensively throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Utah, and he served as President of the Riverside Rancheros. He maintains an ocean-going boat in Long Beach, is actively involved with the United States Power Squadrons, and served as Commander of the Arrowhead Sail and Power Squadron. Mr. Gunn is a Past Captain of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rangers and continues to be active in this equestrian search and rescue unit of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Gunn lives in Riverside with his wife, Carrie. Mr. Gunn attended undergraduate coursework at the University of California, on both the Los Angeles and Riverside campuses, and received his Bachelor of Science in Law in 1975 and his Juris Doctorate degree in 1977 from Western State University. He was admitted to the Bar in the California State Court in 1977 and the Federal Court, Central District of California in 1978.



Mr. Gunn has taught at the American Inns of Court, San Bernardino County Bar Association, and the San Bernardino City Unified School District, and he coached mock trial at San Gorgonio High School and Redlands East Valley High School.

  • Senior Life Fellow – Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Associate – American Board of Trial Advocates